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It’s been a long week. How are you guys?

It’s been a long week. How are you guys?

Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2014

I picked some of the films that I’m highly excited to watch this year that belongs to the horror genre and anything related to it like suspense, thriller and gore. More often than not, the trailers always showcase the best portions of the film. My fingers are crossed though, I hope that these films won’t disappoint.








Let’s go?

Webfinds Wednesday!


It’s been a while since I made my very first WW post. I have reasons, but I will not tell you guys because it will not bring back time anyways. Haha. 

This is gonna be a video heavy post btw!

The Collaboration Project - Love

By JacksGap

For me, this is definitely the smartest video ever made about love. Sometimes, you have to hear it from someone else because they can see what you can’t when you’re in cloud 9.

Asking Guys For Sex (Europe)

By Whatever

I wasn’t really surprised that it’s easier to ask guys for sex. But hey I’m proud that girls are not easy to get. I wonder how this social experiment would end up if they try this in the Philippines.


By PewDiePie

This video has a lot of swearing and yet, this is my favorite. Hahaha. I really really love Pewdiepie. Like, whenever I’m not feeling okay, I just watch his videos and then I’m again all good. Definitely my kind of entertainment. Hahaha!

Cosmo Bachelors Working Overtime! #COSMO69

By CosmopolitanPH

I’m not really a fan of beef cakes but HOLY GUACAMOLE where have you guys been all my life?! Hahaha! I actually just found out about this (Thanks to Diane) so yep, late bloomer nga. But I’m totally hooked! Hahaha. Can’t wait for the bachelor bash this month!

Sorry if this post is totally random because… why not? Haha. These are just some of what I think you guys should watch as well. Just to kill time, ya know. Hope you enjoy!


People try to make their lives worthy everyday in any way that they can. It can be for the welfare of our loved ones or just for ourselves. Either way, we are all subconsciously busy trying to leave a mark. Hoping that one day, people would look back and feel thankful that we once existed.

I guess he wouldn’t look at me that way ever again.

It’s not bad to make yourself feel loved. You should not deny yourself the simple pleasure of feeling wanted. But boundaries are set in different aspects. You could not expect to get back what you are willing to give.

I honestly don’t know where to start, simply because I fucking don’t know how. My life lately is a mixture of vodka, brandy, vino, bacon and cheese all wrapped into one. So yep, a non-existent kind of drink. Exactly how I look at my self worth right now.

Basically, I’m a mess. And what only keeps me going are those people who said, “be my mess.” Dang, I’m one privileged little rascal.

Sketch. I only do this when I feel like it but it is defiantly one of my stress relievers. It could keep me company for almost a day by making me think exclusively of lines, strokes and hue. I love Adam Levine btw.

Flowers. Those are the fruit of kindness and humility. I’m not a big fan of flowers but just the thought of how calm and pleasant they are makes me feel happy and light.

Pizza. I love food. It will forever be my saviour in times of tragedy. My real plan in life is to eat more from now until forever. Plus, you can never go wrong with pizza. And I’m hoping that I would not also go wrong with where it came from.

Bookmarks. I traveled all the way to Maginhawa just to see this (and other restos there of course). I wanna travel more than how I traveled when I’m not alone. Discover things. Give importance to existence of everything that I can lay my hands on to. Then consider each as a mark. So that when I look back, I’d be thankful that I lived well.

Because after all, life is a series of small successes. I know and I believe that I still can. :)



(Source: facebook.com)

"At some point, you will realize that you have done too much for someone or something, that the next possible step to do is to stop.. Leave them alone. Walk away. It’s not like you’re giving up and it’s not like you shouldn’t try, it’s just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation. What is truly yours would eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be."

We broke up.



It has always been my ultimate dream to watch an NBA game but I wasn’t expecting to see one anytime soon. I’m a fan of basketball since PS1 days and of course, I play favorites. My only team was Los Angeles Lakers during my candy-is-my-drug days but then I have like five teams now. When I grew up and got more into it, gravity pulled me closer to being desperate enough to monitor every upcoming NBA event here in Manila. As long as it’s one of my most favored teams/players, I’ll watch them play live.

However, desperation is not enough to buy me a ticket for the Houston Rockets - Indiana Pacers game back in October 2013, nor it didn’t give me energy to fall in line when Kobe Bryant and Lebron James visited Manila. I hate that I didn’t get to see them play esp. Kobe Bryant and George Hill because.. I just simply can’t.

But remember, bilog ang bola ‘di ba? So, yup, 2014 turned the table for me. :)

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I almost believed that the right side of my brain is my dominant self. But now after I examined myself haha I think I use both sides of my brain most of the time! And that sounds kinda weird because I bet y’all gonna say “ofcourse you should my gahd stupid bitch!” Hahaha I’m not sure if you guys are familiar about that theory but I’m assuming that some of you know it. So, I always had this thing for colors and playing with it has been my thing since I was a kid who didn’t know what it’s like to love and get hurt (chos) Other than my clothes, bags and bed covers, I like to express my love for colors through artifice! (which is btw the italian word for “art” love it? haha)

Heeheee. Sorry for the scrappy intro. I was never good at it *insert puppy eyes here.* So, recently, I decided to create my own hashtag which is #ArtificeParPam (which translates to #ArtworkByPam) so that you can scan through my artworks on Instagram and tell me if I should start liking black & white instead. Haha

But today, I’m gonna show you some of the vector pieces that I made back in 2012 with of course, me as the subject featuring a friend named Marion.

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Yup, I judge a book by its cover! Especially by the back cover. R E A D. 😉

You’re next!

Yup, I judge a book by its cover! Especially by the back cover. R E A D. 😉

You’re next!

“Missing someone should never be a constant feeling.”